Thanks very much for trying to purchase something from
my website. Some people report having problems
using the PayPal interface. If you get an error page at
PayPal that says something like "Temporary Difficulties -
Please Try Later", the problem stems from an existing cookie,
stored on your computer. The solution is to delete that cookie.
The PayPal cookie will have www.paypal in the file name.

If you are not familiar with how to delete a specific cookie
directions for several platforms and browsers are printed below.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at and please accept my
apologies for any inconvenience - Lumpy


Clearing Cache and Cookies for Internet Explorer in MS Windows:
1.  Click on the "Start" button.
2.  Select "Settings" and click on "Control Panel". 
3.  Double-click on the Internet (or Internet Options)
    and select the "General" tab.
4.  In the Temporary Internet Files section, click on the
    "Settings" button and choose "View Files". 
5.  Click on "Edit" and select "Select All".
6.  Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.  
    If prompted to delete your cookies, click on "Yes".
Clearing Cache and Cookies for Internet Explorer on a Macintosh:
1.  Click on "Explorer" or "Edit" at the top of your screen.
2.  Click on "Preferences".
3.  Under Web Browser Preferences click on "Advanced".
4.  Click on the "Empty Now" button on the right.
5.  Click "OK".
6.  Under "Receiving Files" Preferences click on "Cookies".
7.  Click on the "Delete" button to the right.
8.  Click "OK".
Clearing Cache and Cookies for AOL on MS Windows:

1.  Open the AOL account. 
2.  Click on the "Settings" button on the toolbar.
    ("My AOL" for older versions). 
3.  Select "Preferences". 
4.  Select the "Internet Properties (WWW)" link on the
    left-hand side. (Older versions will show a "WWW" box). 
5.  In the middle of the Internet Options box is a section
    called "Temporary Internet Files". 
6.  Click "Delete Files". Place a check mark in the
    "Delete All Offline Content Box". 
7.  Click "OK". 

Clearing Cache and Cookies for AOL on a Macintosh:
1.  Click "My AOL" at the top of your browser.
2.  Select "Preferences".
3.  Click the "WWW" icon on the left hand side.
4.  On the right hand side, click "Empty Cache Now".
5.  Click the "Advanced Settings" button on the right.
    This will bring up a new window for Advanced Settings.
6.  To the left under "Receiving" click "Cookies". 
7.  Highlight all cookies and press "Delete" on your keyboard.
Clearing Cache and Cookies for Netscape on MS Windows or Macintosh:
1.  Open Netscape and select the "Edit" pull down menu.
2.  Select "Preferences".
3.  Click on "Advanced" on the left hand side of the screen and then 
    "Cache".  You will see an option to clear your disk and memory cache.
    It is best to clear both types of cache.
4.  You may also need to locate the folder on your hard drive named 
    "Cookies" or "Magic Cookies" and delete the cookies that are stored there.