NEQ Visits the World's Largest Discone

... Sahuarita AZ USA

Giant Discone in South Arizona. An 80 foot tall Discone
On the end of my QRP rig!

This antenna was built at the
height of the cold war
to allow HF communications with the
Titan Missle Base at the same site.

The missle base is still there, deactivated.
It is now the Titan Missle Museum.

The discone antenna is now maintained by the
Green Valley Amateur Radio Club

Any licensed ham may use the antenna.
It exhibits a 2:1 or better SWR
on any of the ham bands between 5 and 30 MHz.

My visit to this RF monster
was during the Area 7 QSO Party
May 3, 2008
Open the door to the box, connect coax, operate Parking area for hams with picnic table Operating as a visitor
is simple

Go to the front desk at the missle museum,
sign the log and show them a copy of your
ham license.

Then park next to the antenna and find
the well marked metal box with the red sign.
There's a length of coax inside, donated by users.
Unroll the coax, connect to your rig,
talk to the world!

Some ham has made a very nice, laminated
SWR chart showing the SWR of the discone.
That chart is inside the metal box
along with the coax.

In the photos you see hams from the local
Green Valley Amateur Radio Club
plus some hams from a Tucson club
a few miles north. I drove down from
Scottsdale (150 miles) to visit the beast.
Arizona hams operating the discone during the Area 7 QSO Party Park, Connect, Operate!

Another visiting ham donated
partial funds for the picnic table.
The local ham club covered the remainder.
Thanks unknown visitor and thanks GVARC!

The blue canopy and the folding tables
are temporary. They were brought down by
the Radio Society of Tucson, K7RST.

In the photo, there is a difficult to see
ham, seated near the open rear doors of
the small trailer. He is connected to
the discone.

The ham with his back to us is using
either a Buddipole, or a GREAT looking
multiband dipole on a 10 ft tripod.

My rapid deploy station is in the
black nylon case on the picnic table.
I'm not yet connected to an antenna.
Homebrew Multi Band Dipole
Buddipole Dipole working straight key CW n0eq camo rover
Several Portable Stations
in the Desert

The dipole is a homebrew that someone
brought and assembled on site.

During these discone ops,
I did not utilize any of my antennas
either portable or vehicle mounted.
I brought the radio and the battery
to the tables and canopies set up
by the local hams.
n0eq Rover Van Lots of Vertical Elements
in the Desert.

Imagine my van, parked on any of those
mining roads you see on the hills
in the background. All those vertical
objects would help the van, and any vertical
antenna elements, disappear.
n0eq Rapid Deploy Station My portable station
is described in more detail -

When it came turn for me
to use the discone, I connected
and called CQ ONCE only, on 5 watts.
I immediately got replies from
K7VS - Oregon
K7NAL - Utah
K1SND - Massachusetts

This "no-gain" discone,
has a fabulously low
angle of radiation.

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