NEQ World Wide QRP Contacts

... Updated August 2009

N0EQ Contacts as of May 2009 Talking World Wide
from a 5w QRP RIG!

This map, exported from the
HRD log software via "mapper",
shows my world wide contacts.

All of these contacts were done at 5 watts QRP.
All on SSB. None on CW or any other non-
phone modes. All on 20, 40 or 80 meters.

All of the contacts were from my battery powered
remote ham station, set up at various spots
throughout the Arizona desert, or from my
back yard remote operating point.

Antennas used (no beams!) were -
- 20m inverted V apex at 20'
- 20m 1/4 wave emt conduit vertical
- 80/40 asymmetrical wire dipole
- Yaesu ATAS screwdriver on a tin roof
- Hamstick vertical and/or dipoles
- World's largest discone, south of Tucson
(3 contacts)

ab4pm ac6dx
af5q al7qq
k4rwh k7das
k7eg k7hrt
kb3ntj kctatk
kd4d ke5ove
ki6kfb kk7yc
kn4ok n1baa
n4muh n7nko
n8zba nh7o
nx5m ve7snc
w9osi w9rg
wa4aqw kc0szu
ag5z sp3gxh
kd0ciu af6av
ad7si k5rnb
k7nal kc0whj
kc2skf kj4bou
n5ack va7crz
kb1nqm kc0cf
kc4ssd w5jlf
w7dx af8v
ke5qda n0qvw
kd0acr kd0wbi
ke4rdy kc0qie
k4rwg w5van
wb9ojr kc0jrw
kg2rg kd7ehg
kf0ge ke5prl
ad5it kb9ztf
n7wr k4xxg
w4mts ke5rrt
w7oxb kc0oko
ke7qfn ke7ors
k4rde k5pbr
kd0fgh ke5fys
n1ht k0haa
kd8gox nr7on
k3lr kb0sfp
kc9jch ke0fj
ke4eqy kg0mi
w5wss xe2aub

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