Amateur Radio Station NEQ/Backyard Remote

... In the Desert, near Phoenix Arizona

n0eq Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke Workin' the world
from a beach chair.

Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke - NEQ

This is the "lab"
where I test antennas,
grounds, radios etc.
It's very similar to
how I set up my station
when operating remote/portable
in the desert. Only difference is
I'm a few steps from civilization in this
mode. I may or may not run from batteries
or a power supply at this station,
depending on what I'm currently testing.

Findings from experiments at this station
are then transferred to my mobile and
desert portable stations.

Everything is temporary and can be
reconfigured quickly for any band/mode/
polarization etc.
It's a beach. The sign confirms it. Do you see the leg of the 80m dipole? Amateur Radio Station
NEQ/Backyard Remote

is located at
Browne Horse Beach
at the north end of the
Phoenix valley in Arizona, USA.

The horses really are brown.
They love to watch while I climb all over
their metal roofed pens, attaching antennas.

Horses are owned by my YL Donna Browne,
girl of my dreams for the past 35 years.
Essential remote station items de n0eq. Operating Position -
NEQ/Backyard Remote

Clockwise from noon -

GI Joe keeps an eye on the SWR
on top of MFJ antenna analyzer.
Binoculars behind Joe and the MFJ.

Bottle opener, dust brush,
water Bottle, local and UTC clocks,
thermometer, hygrometer
(part of the clock).

Coffee cup, QSL card,
David Clark helo headset and PTT switch.

Pencils, notes,
gooseneck LED lamp, meter
auto-tuner, Yaesu FT-857,
custom headset interface,
Handmade brass/wood iambic paddle.

Recycled white plastic table,
comfy tilt-back beach chair(s).

UPDATE: The various components
of this station have been combined
into one, rackmount case. See -
Green Radios
QRP 5 watts QRP 5 watts
on the meter

Audio interface built into a
Hammond enclosure (like guitar FX)
allows various mic/headset/ptt connections.
It also contains an audio output transformer
wired in reverse to match the 10 ohm David Clark
mic element to the more typical 500 ohm impedance
wanted by the Yaesu transciever.
Helicopter Headset and PTT Push To Talk!

The green and black "cube"
in the center of the photo
is my primary PTT switch.

Velcro on the back allows attaching
to fingers, kneeboard, anywhere you like.

Bananas indicate optimum
ear transducer placement
for DX.

Compiling contacts now for
Worked All Fruit.
Handmade iambic from Spain My paddle

A beautiful, handmade
brass with olive wood little machine.

You can see my PTT switch
tucked up under my index finger.

I key left handed
so that I can write
and/or adjust radios
and tuners with my right.

I'm horribly slow at CW.
If you hear me calling, please
answer, but put some space between
characters. I didn't learn code in
scouts or any other time in my youth.
I'm having to learn now, while celebrating
the joy of my advanced geezer index.

Backyard Remote!
Backyard Remote
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