N0EQ Current Location via APRS

... On the road and in the bushes in the desert Southwest, USA

Uh non-Factory Paint, Chevy Astro Van

APRS Location Information courtesy of aprs.fi

Virtually any time I'm mobile, I'm listening on 146.52.
I also have 440 and 6m in my van and I might typically monitor
both 446.0 Simplex and 52.525 Simplex. But I'm always on 146.52.

If you see my icon in the wilderness or open desert,
there's a good chance I'm camped out there and operating
my battery powered HF QRP station.

Backyard Remote!
Backyard Remote
Camouflage Antenna Mast
Snorkel Antenna
World's Largest Discone Antenna
Giant Discone
Camouflage Screwdriver Mobile Antenna
Camo Screwdriver
Rapid Deploy Station
Rapid Deploy Station
Operating with the Scorpions and Rattlesnakes
Urban Desert Ops
Map of my world wide QRP contacts!
My Contacts
Vertical emt Conduit Antenna
EMT Conduit Antenna
Blending in to the desert, or anywhere!
Desert Camo
2m Beam from neighborhood garbage!
Recycled 2m Yagi
AS3900 Mil Mobile Antenna as Temp Base
Mil Mobile Base
6m Ground Plane from Recycled Beach Umbrella
6m Ground Plane
Where Am I?
APRS Tracking
Repainting the Yaesu 857 - OLIVE DRAB!?
Green Radios
Take Me Home!
Return to QTH


The rest of my life?
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke www.LumpyMusic.com