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Lumpy's CD, Acoustic Hotel - Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, Surf, Rock, Classic Pop
Craig Lemke and Heather Larsen - Sexy torch jazz and archtop guitar
Lumpy's CD, Tarantula - Naked Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, Standard and Altered Tunings - Includes STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!

Acoustic Hotel, released January 17, 2003 fifteen songs, seven vocals and eight
instrumentals, that showcase Lumpy playing in a
style that defies genre definition.

Cumulus 19 (2:02)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
"Clean arrangement and playing.
I think this one swings nicely...
I liked your use of space in the arrangement."

Cardboard Boxes (3:17)
Loudon Wainwright III

Bigger Situation (7:21)
Leo Kottke

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"...Thumpin' fingerstyle guitar meditation complete
with How'dHeDoTHAT? sections,
eloquent bass lines,
graceful slidings about on the upper end and
curt staccato. Perfect for headphones
on a bicycle ride. Dramatic!"


Baby Now That I've Found You (2:49)
Macaulay - Macleod

mp3 sample

Sleepwalk (2:12)
Santo/Johnny/Ann Farina

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Career Moves (3:22)
Loudon Wainwright III

Eight Miles Max (2:13)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

Dancin' in the Moonlight (2:10)
Sherman Kelly

Snorkel (4:16)
Leo Kottke

mp3 sample
"...Lumpy's playing on Snorkel in particular
is bright and cheerful and elegant all at once:
superior technical proficiency. What a great talent,
indeed. I enjoyed listening to all of his songs."


Walk Don't Run (1:34)
Johnny Smith

mp3 sample

Your Mother and I (2:21)
Loudon Wainwright III

Linus and Lucy (4:04)
Vince Guaraldi

mp3 sample
"...Linus and Lucy is very well played. Skilled.
Nice touch. There's a section played in harmonics
that's great. A stand-out track for sure."


Nice Guys (2:56)
Loudon Wainwright III

Anji (2:06)
Davy Graham

Hard Day on the Planet (4:16)
Loudon Wainwright III

mp3 sample

"...Nice little album -- I'm glad I grabbed a copy.
I'd put you in my top ten, right next to Zappa and
Loudon Wainwright."

"I have to tell ya' been listening to your cd,
probably everyday.
And I am enjoyin' the hell out of it."

"Let me just say that I *like* it.
And my wife, who often just goes "m-m-mhm"
when I mention who's playing on the system, said,
'This is very nice--who is it?'
May not sound like much, Lumpy, but believe me--
it's high praise indeed!"

"The warmth and clarity of your Lowden
and your razor sharp fingerstyle playing
was a treat. It really sounds great Lumpy.
It's obvious that you are a seasoned
professional musician."

Sexy Torch Vocals, Archtop Jazz Guitar!

The Craig and Heather CD, is the culmination of a
one year vocal teaching project.
Heather Larsen came to me with a bit of
background in opera and felt like
she was doing a good job learning from
"the fat lady". But she just
didn't dig opera. She wanted to learn to
sing pop music. We actually started in 2004
but were interrupted by Heather's
Army National Guard unit getting sent to Iraq.
So a nearly 3 year break in her lessons took place.
We started up again in 2007, and just less than
one year later, we produced this CD as an
example of what we had achieved.

We're both pleased with the results!

Heather's voice, my jazz guitar.
I wrote the arrangements
and engineered the recording.
It is recorded as if live. Vocals and guitar
were recorded all at once. There were no overdubs,
no punches, no studio tricks.
What you hear on the CD
is an honest representation of what you would
hear if you were in the audience at our concert.

Better Than Anything (2:07)
Wheat, Loughborough

mp3 sample

Time After Time (3:19)
Lauper, Hyman, Cahn

mp3 sample

Lydia, The Tattooed Lady (2:59)
Harburg, Arlen

mp3 sample

Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow (3:22)
King, Goffin

mp3 sample

Blue Bayou (2:57)
Orbison, Melson

mp3 sample

I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open (3:17)

mp3 sample

Downtown (2:37)

mp3 sample

Baby, Now That I've Found You (2:22)
Macaulay, Macleod

mp3 sample

When You Say Nothing At All (2:14)
Overstreet, Schlitz

mp3 sample

One Note Samba (1:27)
Mendonca, Jobim

mp3 sample

On And On (2:37)

mp3 sample

Fever (3:34)
Cooley, Davenport

mp3 sample

"Excellent performances, blended wonderfully
Evokes a mood both mellow and crisp,
vibrantly alilve, serenely energizing. Outstanding!"

Patrick - Phoenix Arizona
Tarantula - No Overdubs, No Effects, Just Naked Acoustic Guitar! fourteen instrumental songs, all recorded
perfectly flat. No tone equilization, no reverb,
no compression or chorus.
No overdubs. No corrections. Recorded in
one sitting.
Just as if you were in the front row of my live show!

Tina's Hard Drive (2:44)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
Inspired by Tina, my childhood friend,
who continues to make the hard drive
to see my concerts, everytime I play LA.

Dental Thing (4:10)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
More soothing than a root canal!

Highlander Gearbox (3:41)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
Inspired by my friends at The Highlander bike shop
in Russellville Arkansas.
Music to change gears by!

The Rain Song (3:37)
Jimmy Page/Robert Plant

mp3 sample
A beautiful Led Zeppelin song
that I knew very little about,
until my student, Ryan, brought it to my ears.
Thanks Ryan!

Because Dogs Look Funny
When They Swim
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
Inspired by the dog paddling and the
goofy facial expressions
of the greatest swimming coyote/shepard cross
that ever lived,

Man In The Mirror (3:11)
Glen Ballard/Siedah Garrett

mp3 sample
The Michael Jackson tune,
done, oddly enough,
on acoustic guitar!

Righty Tighty, Lefty Lucy (3:26)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
Men know what this means. It's genetic.

Been Here Before (4:06)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
Every song ever written,
played inside out and backwards.

Fast Thing (2:08)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
This one is, uh...!

Here, There & Everywhere (2:06)
John Lennon/Paul McCartney

mp3 sample
This guy's in love..:-)

Recumulated (3:15)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
A new arrangement of my original title, Cumulus 19.
You've heard pieces of this tune
on radio and television.

Too Fast (2:56)
Leo Kottke

mp3 sample
Leo Kottke tunes always fascinate me
playing or listening to them. I don't think he'll
ever forgive me for hiring him in 1975 to play an
outdoor Banjo, Fiddle & Guitar Festival
at 4pm in the hot SoCal sun!

Stairway to Heaven (6:00)
Jimmy Page/Robert Plant

mp3 sample
Yes, THE Stairway to Heaven. You've heard it,
you can probably play it.
But perhaps not exactly like this..;-)

Nighty Night (3:08)
Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

mp3 sample
A lullabye for Donna, the world's lightest
and most beautiful sleeper.

Acoustic Hotel!
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