Craig Lemke and Heather Larsen - Jazz/Pop Duet

The Craig and Heather CD, is the culmination of a one year teaching project.
Heather Larsen came to me with a bit of background in opera and felt like
she was doing a good job learning from "the fat lady". But she just
didn't dig opera. She wanted to learn to sing pop music.
We actually started in 2004 but were interrupted by Heather's
Army National Guard unit getting sent to Iraq. So a nearly 3 year
break in her lessons took place. We started up again in 2007,
and just less than one year later, we produced this CD as an
example of what we had achieved.

We're both pleased with the results!

Heather's voice, my jazz guitar.
I wrote the arrangements and engineered the recording.
It is recorded as if live. Vocals and guitar were recorded
all at once. There were no overdubs, no punches, no studio tricks.
What you hear on the CD is an honest representation of what you would
hear if you were in the audience at our concert.

You're listening to our sampler.

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Craig Lemke and Heather Larsen - Sexy torch jazz and archtop guitar

Craig and Heather

Craig and Heather Even the spline is sexy..:-)..

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